Approved Methods List for Water Quality Testing Utilizing MANTECH Solutions


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April 12, 2012 --

MANTECH has produced and published this document appropriately titled, “Approved Methods for the Analysis of Water, Wastewater and Soils”.  Twenty-nine (29) different environmental parameters are included for water and soil analysis. Included in the table are pH, conductivity (EC), alkalinity, turbidity, color, chloride, fluoride and hardness. Additional information includes:   Method type information, e.g. ISE direct measurement, titration, etc; Range of measurement; Regulatory method references: EPA, Standard Methods/APHA,ISO, EN andASTM; Method Detection Limit (MDL); Relative Standard Deviations (RSD) at specified concentrations  

To request a copy of the Approved Methods for Water, Wastewater and Soils document, go to: For any specific parameter, request the appropriate application note from MANTECH ( for details about the method including performance, chemical theory, reagents and more.   MANTECH systems are utilized everyday by more than 1,400 environmental laboratories generating trusted results. MANTECH systems are proven analytical technologies and are the only environmental titrators in the world that carry the US EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV). Many environmental results have been confirmed and proven by independent laboratories who have invested in MANTECH Systems. Environmental Accreditation bodies around the world have verified the performance of these MANTECH systems. Countries include USA, Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, UK, South Africa, France, Singapore and more. Environmental Auditors have even provided independent MANTECH recommendations to environmental laboratories who wish to have accurate and precise results that can be trusted!   MANTECH Systems are robust, durable instruments generating accurate and precise results that stand the test of time.

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