AQUA SOFT - ultimate solution for closed cooling systems treatment



Different types of closed cooling systems need a properly treatment. Without treatment , a failed occurs in the systems in a short time while causing heavy damage. The problems and treatments of closed water cooling systems The main problem of closed water systems is intensive corrosion activity which is mainly the result of the penetration of oxygen into the water. The fastest oxygen solubility in water causing a backlash attack corrosion PITTING and accelerated galvanic activity. The complex metallographic structure wide - carbon steel CS, bronze, copper and stainless steel SS16, suffer from severe corrosion.

Another problem is the development of bacterial activities-aerobic and anaerobic-that they themselves due to corrosion activities. The results of corrosion activity of all kind down drop in the areas convenient to them - low flow speed, high temperatures – concentrated and precipitated . At the bottom of each deposit, create additional corrosion-DEPOSIT CORROSION. All going to repeat the process multiple times.

AQUA SOFT- General Technology Description

AQUA SOFT Technology combines the magnetism and filtering technologies. The magnetic field has a strong power of a bio –ceramic magnets change the crystallization activity and crystal configuration, created a new amorphous crystals.The magnetic field activity causes a ion potential changes with a positive effects for bacterial removed results. The 120 to 10 microns disc filter sizing , is different depending on the applications.
Magnetic activity is expected to complete and catch on the magnet surface many metals and also suspended and settled particles.

Finally, manual or automatic flushing causes to dirt removal through the drainage.


- Water Softening without calcium and magnesium removal thanks to crystallization changing processes
- Bacterial activity removal thanks to ion potential changes
- Exclusion metals - thanks to magnetic activity
- Removing various particles – suspended & settled particles , sand, corrosion results, etc. - thanks to the appropriate filter.

AQUA SOFT Benefits

- Environmentally friendly water treatment / - without chemical / - without energy /
- Systems with a simple, smart costs low
- A minimum of maintenance parts
- Energy saving

Models and FlowRate
AQS-1 4 m3 / h AQS-1.5 6 m3 / h
AQS-2 8 m3 / h AQSA-2 8m3 / h and more for high systems
Air Conditioning Systems
Divers industrial systems
AQUA SOFT -a green, simple and effective -ultimate solution for closed water treatment systems

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