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AquaBupH adds environmental innovation to remediation industry

Source: EOS Remediation, LLC

Soil and groundwater clean-up is critical to sustainable business practices across many industries. Since 2002, EOS Remediation has provided site owners and engineers with innovative, environmentally responsible solutions to remediation challenges through its research and development, products, and technologies. 

EOS Remediation continues to advance the state-of-the-science by developing and successfully commercializing AquaBupH, an emulsion combining soybean oil with a pH buffering particle suspension in one easy-to-use product. AquaBupH provides food for microorganisms, stimulates biodegradation activity, provides buffering capacity to adjust aquifer pH, and promotes rapid reduction in contamination levels.

Acidic aquifers are inhibitory to many microbes. AquaBupH adjusts pH without the negative effects of commonly used compounds like baking soda, caustic soda and limestone. These other methods also frequently yield high salt content in treated groundwater, pose handling hazards and/or require multiple applications. With a single treatment, AquaBupH delivers immediate and sustainable bioremediation while improving one our most valuable natural resources: groundwater.

EOS Remediation has successfully completed projects in North America, South Africa, and Australia since launching the product. Because AquaBupH is easy to distribute, easy to handle, provides for long-term remediation (2-3 years from a single application), and is cost effective, AquaBupH represents a significant and innovative break through in the field of bioremediation technology. For more information on AquaBupH, please visit: http://www.eosremediation.com