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Aquacell in Malibu!


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Aquacell Product Manager, Mark Meredith, will be leading an educational session on January 17th at the California Onsite Wastewater Association's Onsite Water Reuse Symposium & Technology Fair.

Meredith's session, entitled 'Wastewater Reuse in Commercial Buildings: Best Practice from Down Under', will use his expertise of Aquacell's industry leading greywater and blackwater reuse technology to walk you through the basics in commercial wastewater reuse.  He will touch on a variety of aspects associated with wastewater recycling including design principles, calculations for wastewater flow and water savings, and how in-building wastewater recycling is more practical and cost effective than ever before.

The City of Malibu Environmental Sustainability Division will host this five day event at the Malibu City Hall facilities January 13-17, 2014.  The Onsite Water Reuse Symposium & Technology Fair provides a forum for Onsite Industry Professionals and stakeholders from around the world to exchange information on treatment technologies that are being employed as both rural wastewater solutions and urban sewer mining strategies.

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