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AquaClear™ drinking water turbidimeter...the choice is clear!


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Attached is a brief product release highlighting one of our primary products serving drinking water treatment professionals interested in the AWWA Conference coming up this June in Atlanta. It is for our AquaClear™ Low-Range Turbidimeter that meets the USEPA requirements for filter monitoring, and does so in a cost-effective, simple to use online package. AquaSensors manufactures innovative analytical measurement systems for a wide range of water quality and process control applications. Our unique ‘direct-to-SCADA’ product design reduces equipment and installation costs, while improving reliability in a wide variety of municipal and industrial water treatment applications. Our patented DataStick™ measurement system features pre-calibrated plug-in sensor heads that provide 24-bit data and can be calibrated, configured or diagnosed directly from a PLC or computer system. No intermediate analyzer boxes are necessary! Measurements we will have on display at AWWA ACE 2008 in Atlanta will also include pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity, free chlorine, dissolved oxygen, dissolved ozone, high-range turbidity and suspended solids. So if you’re running any ‘product highlight’ section for this event, or in general, please consider running our release . . . or let us know if you’d like any additional PR for our other process parameters or digital communications capabilities.

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