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AquaCritox® Qualifies For Financial Credits


Source: SCFI Group Limited

Irish firm SCFI has received a declaratory ruling from Connecticut’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) - part of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) – qualifying its world-first AquaCritox wet waste destruction technology as a Class 1 renewable energy source.

The ruling means the technology is now eligible for generous ‘low emission’ and ‘zero emission’ renewable energy credits (LRECs/ZRECs) for the electricity it generates - worth $200 - $350 per MW hr. Renewable energy generators are given the opportunity to compete for a 15 year revenue stream from the sale of RECs to Connecticut’s two electric utilities (CL&P and UI) in a bidding process.

Comments SCFI’s chief operating officer David Kerr: “Receiving this declaratory ruling means AquaCritox has been recognised by the State as both an environmentally-sound solution and a financially beneficial investment.

“The disposal of wet waste is a significant commercial and environmental strain across the globe with billions of dollars spent each year on the disposal of sewage sludge alone. AquaCritox presents the perfect solution, delivering the full destruction of organic waste in a sustainable, cost-effective process while providing a net energy gain. Now, with the introduction of LREC/ZREC credits, there’s an even bigger financial incentive to invest.”

The award-winning AquaCritox technology is up to 100% more efficient than competing technologies. Its Super Critical Water Oxidation (SCWO) process is a single step solution that is proven to deliver 99.99%+ destruction of sludge in a fast, safe, odourless process. It generates significant amounts of excess heat, which can be recovered for heat applications or for the generation of electricity, reducing a plant’s carbon footprint. The technology offers a substantial decrease in costs compared to other existing practices, eliminating the need for expensive dewatering, drying, incinerating and trucking as well as shipping and land spreading costs. It also opens up new revenue streams for the industry by generating renewable energy and recovering valuable resources, such as phosphorus and CO2.

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