AquaLocate GF6 Seismo-Electric Survey Instrument (upgrade from the GF3500) available for purchase by mid January 2013


Source: AquaLocate

AquaLocate is excited to anounce that the GF6 (upgrade from the GF3500) is expected to be available for purchase by mid January 2013. The new system has been completely redsigned and is now more portable, more compact, more sensitive to deeper water sources, and has a completely redesigned software interface which will allow for easy export to flow modeling software. The NEW GF6 pricing has also changed making it even more affordable to a wider range of users around the world.

Customer comments

  1. By Enobong Ekpo on

    Hi Does anyone has an idea where to get the GF6 from. I would like a field trail with this instrument

  2. By Ervin Kraemer on

    You can contact us at 425-522-3463 or email Ervin directly at @Enobong Ekpo