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Aqualogy unveils non-invasive technological solutions for water and sewerage network maintenance


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  • Unique iDroloc leak detection system and Ice Pigging technology will benefit customers and companies
  • These innovative, non-invasive technologies are set to significantly improve efficiency and lower costs

Aqualogy is launching a campaign to promote its new suite of non-invasive methods for water and sewerage systems to coincide with the start of the water industry’s next AMP cycle. These technologies represent the future of network maintenance, which will be increasingly based on enhanced network knowledge and will be proactive.

Aqualogy believes its non-invasive solutions in the form of Ice Pigging and iDroloc leak detection will aid a more customer-focused approach. The water industry business plans have the usual focus on asset maintenance and serviceability, but this time there is a major emphasis on customer service and customers views. Each company has Performance Commitments and Outcome Delivery Incentives that are based on promises to customers, with many of these relating to things like interruptions in supply, sewer flooding, and disturbance. Aqualogy’s solutions will aid effectiveness in these areas and enable them to meet their promises.

Aqualogy’s non-invasive technologies provide solutions for water companies

A unique water network leak detection system iDroloc has recently been launched in the UK after being approved for use in public water supplies, and Aqualogy’s existing Ice Pigging technology has been adapted for use in sewers as well as water mains. These technologies mean that networks can be cleaned in hours rather than days, that they will reduce long term maintenance costs and more importantly, will mean minimal disturbance for customers.

Aqualogy is already working with water companies in the UK, developing an integrated system of intelligent networks with non-invasive maintenance regimes.

José María Paredes from Aqualogy says:
‘The specific advantages of our new technologies are, no road works or remedial works, longer asset life, less disturbance, no supply interruptions, no need for liaison with councils or other utilities. But more importantly, this new type of intelligent asset maintenance provides better long term value which fits with the new approach to regulation in PR14.’

Non-invasive Technologies:

iDroloc – a leakage detection system

iDroloc, the UK’s newest leakage technology solution, was launched by Aqualogy earlier this year. This leakage detection system is an accurate and efficient alternative to conventional acoustic methods. It effectively detects leaks that may otherwise go unnoticed using traditional systems and is the most effective method for finding a leak in plastic pipes and/or low network pressures.

iDroloc allows water leak detection in trunk mains, where standard methods are not reliable, and it is not affected by sounds or vibrations than can interfere with acoustic leakage detection systems. It is effective indetection, even five days after the injection, and does not affect public health or water quality. Its inspection equipment is completely portable and allows the leak to be pinpointed in cases where the pressure testing for the new mains has failed. It can also be applied as a pipe condition assessment tool to detect minor leaks in joints with trunk mains in order to prevent future leakage events.

Because the concentration of helium in the atmosphere is small, it makes diffusion possible and can therefore be easily detected when reaching the surface. Leaks are detected with very high accuracy which saves time and repair resources, and allows the increase of network efficiency and the reduction of non-registered water quantity. In addition to this, it reduces disruption to customers, as iDroloc can be used on pipes in service.

Ice pigging

Aqualogy’s innovative and technologically advanced Ice Pigging process is already delivering network cleaning solutions to water companies in many countries around the world. The service is offered as an alternative to conventional pipeline-pigging and other pipeline cleaning techniques. Ice Pigging significantly reduces customer disruption and uses 50% less water than flushing, swabbing or standard pigging. It is also exceptionally low-risk and harmless to public health.

Ice Pigging is up to 1,000 times more effective at removing sediment and biofilm than traditional flushing and flows through all diameters. It takes half the time required by other techniques, requires no excavations and is the lowest cost option in terms of amount of sediment removed.Phillip Jones from Dee Valley Water confirms Ice Pigging’s effectiveness: 
“In 2014 we had 270 discolouration events, and after using Ice Pigging, we are down to 61 in the same period this year. Working with Aqualogy was an absolute pleasure because they told us exactly what we needed to do in order to make our project a success.”

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