Aquas sensors for UK water industry


Mac Solutions has announced the UK availability of the Aquas Smart Water Solutions range which includes smart sensors, data-logging systems, communication gateways and field configuration software. The range, targeted specifically at the water industry, covers the complete water lifecycle from treatment to distribution. The Aquas range - which covers the complete water lifecycle from extraction and treatment to distribution and the reprocessing of waste - includes the Aqlog Plus series. The Aqlog RTU/data logger is widely used in Taiwan for DMZ leak detection and pressure management, and is a compact, robust and reliable RTU/data logger for data collection, communications, data logging, monitoring, alarm management, control and analysis. The device is battery-operated with a solar-power option if required.

The series is fully integrated with GPRS cellular networking, GSM (SMS) text messaging, 2.4GHz wireless networking, Ethernet and RS232/485 communications, providing seamless connection to public or private network software solutions. The ultra-low power consumption of 0.05W ensures a long life (typical five years' continuous operation with 19AH lithium batteries). The device has up to eight connections for digital sensors and other remote I/O modules. The Aqlog Plus is protected by an aluminium IP68 submersible dustproof enclosure and can operate in extreme humidity environments and in temperatures from -20 to +75 degrees Celcius. The device is therefore said to be suitable for frequently underground chambers, salt spray, heavy dust, excessive shock and vibration conditions.

Typical applications include: flow or leakage analysis; metering and water loss measurement; water distribution network pressure management; surge pressure tracking; sewer overflow and wastewater quality monitoring; storm drainage monitoring; water treatment process monitoring; reservoir and river water quality; water pump control; rainfall monitoring; flood monitoring; and automatic user meter reading. Mac Solutions will also stock Aquas's SMR series of smart digital sensors. This range is specifically designed for use in liquids for pressure, hydrostatic level and water quality measurement, including free chlorine, pH, ORP, temperature, conductivity and redox, resisitivity, DO, turbidity, salinity, suspended solid and humidity. SMR smart sensors connect directly to the Aqlog Plus series or to a PLC, DCS, HMI or Scada system using a Modbus communications interface.

Also available is the Aqlog AMR series, which uses advanced image processing and optical character recognition technology to provide water companies with a compact, battery-operated, wireless solution for automatic meter reading.

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