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Aquatec Group to launch advanced turbidity logger at Ocean Business


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Aquatec Group are pleased to announce the launch of the latest addition to their Sediment? Solved range at Ocean Business in April – the AQUAlogger 310TY advanced turbidity logger. The instrument has new sensing capabilities, user friendly features and subsea data access. The compact logger measures turbidity to 10,000FTU (typical), with optional integral temperature and pressure sensors. It can be used in freshwater and ocean environments, with models for shallow and deep water. It also features a tool to convert turbidity to suspended sediment concentration using in situ samples.

New user friendly features include a ‘Quick start’ function that allows you to deploy your logger with the swipe of a magnet, and a ‘Shake to show’ feature that visually shows the current status of the logger via a light by shaking the logger twice. With increasingly stringent lithium battery shipping regulations, the AQUAlogger 310TY overcomes potential transit issues by using standard user-replaceable batteries available across the world. Users can choose the type of battery most suitable for each deployment, whether alkaline, lithium or rechargeable.

Flexible deployment has been enhanced within the supplied software with a basic mode for straight-forward sampling regimes (delayed start and burst sampling), and an advanced mode for complex regimes including triggered logging, NMEA output, variable sample rates, intermittent logging and sample averaging.

As well as logging data, the AQUAlogger 310TY instruments have real time reporting capability. A wireless upgrade is available, allowing surface data transfer with Bluetooth-enabled Windows devices. Data can also be accessed subsea, with the Aquatec field-swappable comms modules. These include a subsea display for data visualisation, an optical modem for short range interrogation, commanding and data download using ROVs or divers, and an acoustic modem for transmission of real time readings.

Andy Smerdon, Managing Director, said ‘The AQUAlogger 310TY is an exciting new advanced instrument designed for turbidity and suspended sediment monitoring. It combines new sensing capabilities with user friendly features and accessories to make deployment and data access even easier.’

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