Aquatech and FMC enter Cooperation Agreement for Spent Caustic Treatment Technology


Source: Aquatech International Corporation

Canonsburg, PA, September 2010 – In an effort to further strengthen it’s technology based offerings for the Oil and Gas Industry, Aquatech has signed a Cooperation Agreement with Spain’s FMC Foret S.A., to market Foret’s OHP Technology for Spent Caustic Treatment. The agreement is exclusive for the Arabian Peninsula and also gives Aquatech the opportunity to market this technology in its other key markets worldwide.

OHP is an advanced Wastewater Treatment Technology based on advanced oxidation. It is a safe and efficient way to reduce contaminants in effluents through chemical oxidation with the use of special grade hydrogen peroxide and a catalyst. This technology also allows for construction of a plant that is safely operated in a continuous and automatic way. OHP can be utilized where other similar technologies are not working properly. FORET has been extremely successful with this new technology having applied it in various chemical processing & petrochemical plants in Europe and Asia

The basis of the process is the creation of hydroxyl radicals from hydrogen peroxide. This is done by optimal combination of process conditions and catalyst addition. Hydroxyl radicals are capable to oxidize a wide range of chemical compounds that can be quantified by means of COD and TOC reduction.

FMC FORET has obtained patent US 7,666,315 and has applied a worldwide patent for this new sophisticated and superior technology.

Vikrant Sarin, Manager – Technology & Business Development for Aquatech is excited about OHP. “I have seen great interest in this technology so far and I was impressed with regards to how safe it is and how it can solve problems that other technologies could not. Nearly every refinery and petrochemical plant in Middle East has issues with existing spent caustic treatment systems and I look forward to utilizing this technology to help solve our customer’s problems.”

Francisco Montero, Environmental Applications Manager for FMC Foret is convinced that, “we have found in Aquatech an ideal partner for selling this technology in the Arabian Peninsula. Aquatech is very strong in the Oil & Gas Industry upstream and downstream and understands the water challenges of this industry very well.”

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