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Aquatech answers call from environmental agencies to support green initiatives


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Concord -- Aquatech Dewatering answers call from environmental agencies for industry to support green initiatives

“It’s Happening, Growth of Infrastructure, Industry and Community – We Can Work Together” is the focus for Aquatech’s Open House, demonstrating new environmentally-­‐friendly pumping and dewatering equipment

Safety has always been the most important operating requirement in the construction industry, including the dewatering and pumping components. However, increasingly, so is environment today. As society grows and communities are developed so does the need for improvements to our way of life and how our communities grow. Significantly, we need to approach this growth with the understanding that these improvements not only refer to our generation but, more importantly, to future generations.

On August 14, 2008, Aquatech’s Open House brought together over 300 engineers, contractors, consultants, developers, municipalities and environmental regulatory agencies to continue communications and increase the level of understanding for each other’s perspectives and goals.

“We recognized the need for someone in the industry to take the lead, and not just say, but show that growth of development and infrastructure can be supported while protecting the integrity of the natural environment. ”, says Andy Ingriselli, President of Aquatech. “That’s why it is important for us to work with TRCA, MOE and other agencies, not only with the Open House to bring together key players in the industry, but also on a day-to day and project-by-project basis. This is not just an Open House to showcase Aquatech’s equipment and services, but rather to demonstrate that with the right equipment, sound processes, good communication, and most importantly, with the right approach, development and growth can happen without sacrificing the environment.”

Regional Councillor Joyce Frustaglio brought greetings from the City of Vaughan and commended the industry for making the environment an important part of the planning and implementation process.

The Open House showcased various displays and demonstrations of innovative and advanced fluid handling equipment from North America and Europe including; construction dewatering equipment; specialized fluid transfer and bypass pumps; discharge filtration and treatment equipment; portable wheel wash systems; and environmentally-friendly, energy efficient pumping and filtration equipment. Representatives from Godwin Pumps of America, Toromont Cat Power Systems, Moby Dick Wheel Washing Systems and Waste and Environmental Technologies Ltd. were at the Open House to display their equipment and share their knowledge with the guests.

Deborah Martin-Downs, Director of Ecology at Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) emphasized during her Keynote speech, that “Aquatech has worked hard to understand the concerns of Toronto and Region Conservation for the protection of streams and groundwater during the development process. Their team has responded with the techniques and technology that provide advanced care in a variety of situations, and can be relied upon to meet the demands of the development process while safeguarding the environment.”

Other approved Quotes:

Dewatering has received a lot of negative press in the past few years, and we wanted to make it clear that this industry has the professionals and the specialists to address this requirement while respecting environmental sensitivities. Understanding the requirements of regulatory agencies and working in partnership with them to develop better techniques, equipment and methods in support of growth and development is key.
Russell Thomas, Project Manager, Aquatech Dewatering

Many in the community and among agencies have expressed a concern with the ability of the industry and municipalities to address potential problems with the new “big pipes” and deep sewers if a failure were to occur. There is a common fear of major sewage spills into water courses, wetlands and natural features. We demonstrate at the open house, that by working together with other specialists in the industry we can address any response to a temporary requirement to support our infrastructure if that need arises and thus avoid major spills that impact the environment.
Andy Ingriselli, President, Aquatech

In our industry, emergency response and the environment go hand-­‐in-­‐hand and every second counts. Whether it is an emergency sewage bypass pumping system to prevent raw sewage from entering the waterways, a pumping emergency related to a flood caused by a sudden storm or snow melt event, a requirement for a temporary fire pump to maintain essential protection measures of an operating industrial plant, a booster pump required to aid in potable drinking water supply or discharge filtration equipment needed to prevent turbid water pumped from a construction site from negatively impacting fish habitat in a small creek; we can work together to avoid or mitigate negative environmental impacts.
Norm Metcalfe, Branch Manager, Aquatech Pump and Power

About Aquatech
Aquatech is a customer focused, quality driven, environmentally responsible company who provides reliable pumping equipment, experienced staff and customized solutions to get the job done right. Founded in 2006, Aquatech has built its business around the fundamental that to successfully support the growth of infrastructure, industry and community, the integrity of the natural environment must and can be protected. From approach, to equipment, to services, Aquatech stands by this fundamental, striving to incorporate it into all its day-to-day functions.

About TRCA
Since its formation in 1957, Toronto and Region Conservation has prepared and delivered programs for the management of the renewable natural resources within its nine watersheds, including a 50-year history of developing sustainable practices. Toronto and Region Conservation manages human impact on water resources and acquires, protects and restores conservation lands, all within the holistic context of watershed management, creating a cleaner, greener and healthier place to live, for you today and for your children tomorrow.

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