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Aquatech Showcases Technologies Aimed at Solving World`s Water Scarcity Challenges

Source: Aquatech International Corporation

Executives Present Three Papers in Water Convention and Participate in Business Forum; Additional Presentations Planned at Booth

July 2011 -- Aquatech, a global leader in water purification technology for industrial and infrastructure markets with a focus on desalination, water reuse and zero liquid discharge (ZLD), will be an active participant in all aspects of this year’s Singapore International Water Week (SIWW).

The company will showcase its comprehensive portfolio of technologies and solutions at Booth 4N12 (level 4 at the Water Expo). In addition, Aquatech executives will present three papers during the Water Convention, while Devesh Sharma, Managing Director & Chief Commercial Officer, has been invited to participate in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) Business Forum – CEO Roundtable, where he along with other global leaders will share their experiences in the region and discuss further opportunities in the water sector. Aquatech will also host informative 30-minute sessions on various technologies at its booth each day, providing an overview of advances in these solutions to address a variety of water treatment needs.


Technologies to be highlighted at the booth include:


  • Desalination solutions. Aquatech offers both thermal and membrane processes – a unique qualification that enables the company to evaluate both technologies for each specific project and offer their customers the most cost-effective option for their needs. Aquatech offers Multi Stage Flash (MSF) and Spray Film™ Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) that can be supplied with different energy alternatives, as well as Vapor Compression (VC) and Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO).


  • Water recycle/reuse. The company will also highlight its solutions that can be used to treat feed sources ranging from industrial wastewater to produced water from oil fields. Recycle/reuse applications include power generation, petroleum refining, gray water, electronics, semiconductor and cooling tower blowdown.


  • Zero liquid discharge (ZLD). Known for its pioneering work in ZLD, Aquatech supplies systems based on membrane processes, evaporative processes or a hybrid combining both these processes to achieve zero liquid discharge from the plants in a cost-effective manner. The hybrid approach, combining the membrane and evaporative technologies, results in systems having low life cycle costs compared to other available technologies.



Presentations at Water Convention


In addition, Aquatech executives will present three papers during the Water Convention. One of these is an oral presentation by Deepak Kachru, Senior Manager - Sales & Business Development, on the topic “Exploring High Efficiency Wastewater Recycle-Reuse Models for Refinery, Chemical Industry and Power Plant Wastewaters Based on Real Life Case Studies.”


The other two are poster presentations: Water Energy Nexus: Advanced Water Treatment Technologies for Energy Industry - Solutions for Water System Efficiency and Effectiveness and Minimized Pollution” by Dr. Karl Millauer, Sr. Vice President - Strategic & New Business Development, and “Green Chemistry Utilizing Eucalyptus Bark for Removal of Chromium from Industrial Effluent” by Vikrant Sarin, Manager - Technical & Business Development (Industrial Solutions).


Daily Sessions at Booth

Aquatech is also planning to host three different 30-minute sessions at its booth every day. Designed to be informative and interactive, the sessions will consist of both a presentation and Q&A discussion. Topics include the Water Energy Nexus, presented by Dr. Millauer; Recycle Reuse and Zero Liquid Discharge, presented by Mr. Sharma; and Desalination Economics, presented by Mr. Kachru. The daily schedule will be posted at the booth.


“As a global company with a presence in key world markets, Aquatech is solidly focused on technologies and services aimed at addressing water scarcity issues around our thirsty planet. As a leading event for the global water industry, SIWW provides an ideal platform to showcase these efforts, not only in Asian markets but throughout the world,” said Mr. Sharma.