Aquatic Informatics and Greenspan awarded Water Survey of Canada Hydrometric Workstation System contract


Source: Aquatic Informatics Inc

Aquatic Informatics and Greenspan have been awarded a contract to supply Water Survey of Canada, the federal water monitoring branch of Environment Canada, with a nation-wide Hydrometric Workstation System.
Water Survey of Canada’s National Hydrometric Program provides for the collection, interpretation, and dissemination of surface water quantity data and information - information that is vital to meet both water management and environmental requirements across the country. The need for this information is greater than ever: not only has the number of water management and environmental issues increased tremendously over the years, but they are more complex and often have international implications as well.

Greenspan’s environmental telemetry solution, based on ClearSCADA, will automatically collect data from over 2500 continuous water monitoring stations across Canada, and make the data available in real time to some 200 Water Survey of Canada technicians and scientists located in 28 regional offices. Using Aquatic Informatics’ AQUARIUS Time Series software developed specifically to process water data, WSC staff will apply quality checks to incoming data, perform the necessary data interpretation, correction and calculations, and make the resulting information available to various audiences.

Comments Aquatic Informatics President and CEO Ed Quilty: “We are thrilled and very proud to contribute to the modernization of Canada’s hydrometric system. WSC’s choice confirms AQUARIUS as the de-facto standard for water data processing and management in North America. Data from over 11,000 river stations operated by WSC and the US Geological Survey is now processed with AQUARIUS.”

Greenspan Principal Consultant Mark Wolf adds: “The decision of WSC to select the AI-Greenspan solution is a huge vote of confidence for the technological choices and for the work that our joint team has put into developing what is arguably the most advanced water data acquisition and production system on the market.”

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