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Aquionics UV Selected for First of Its Kind Adventure Center


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UV disinfection equipment from Aquionics has been selected as part of the water treatment system for the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, N.C. The center is the first man-made whitewater river in the world designed with a recirculating water supply. The park, the future training ground of the US Olympic kayak team, chose the closed chamber, medium pressure UV systems to provide high efficiency non-chemical disinfection. The system is scheduled to be installed in May of 2006.

The proposed side stream treatment system will be comprised of an Aquionics InLine+™ self-cleaning UV system and an Arkal Spin Klin Super Flow automatic back flushing disc filter. The park water, a combination of city and well water, will first be pumped through the 130-micron disc filter to remove suspended solids. The filtered water will then flow through the UV system to disinfect smaller organisms. This process should kill over 95% of the harmful bacteria and other organisms that pass through the system, helping to maintain a clean and healthy environment for park visitors.

For the environmentally conscious Whitewater Center, a non-chemical means of disinfection was essential. The high-energy, medium-pressure UV system does not require the use or storage of dangerous chemicals, and leaves no chemical residuals in the treated water. The InLine+ operates with fewer lamps than comparable low pressure, open-channel systems to significantly reduce the installation space requirements.

The system is rated to treat flows of 8000-9000 GPM. The chamber is fitted with UV monitors to measure actual UV fluence and dose for record keeping. With the addition of an optional online Transmittance Monitor, real time transmittance values are used to automatically adjust the dose pacing of the UV system. The system is self cleaning with automatic wipers to keep the lamps clean and corrosion free.

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