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Aramsco introduces the syclone axial air mover


Source: Aramsco, Inc.

Aramsco is now the exclusive distributor of the Syclone Axial Air Mover, the latest axial air mover on the market. This low-amp, high-performance air mover is designed for restorative drying. Available with a duplex GFCI receptacle outlet, the user can daisy-chain up to four units at a time. The Syclone Axial Air Mover boasts high CFM output providing fast drying even in hard-to-dry areas.

The Syclone Axial features a durable rotational molded housing along with a carrying handle for easy storage and transport. At only thirty pounds, the Syclone Axial Air Mover has a ¼ HP, two-speed setting, and 3000 CFM rated air flow.

“The Syclone Axial Air Mover is powerful while still being easy to use. Our customers are reporting great results and they’re telling us the price can’t be beat,” according to Frank John, Aramsco District GM. John continues, “Initial sales have been strong and Aramsco is fulfilling orders with next day delivery in most locations.”

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Aramsco, Inc., now with 18 locations in the territorial U.S. and Puerto Rico, is one of the largest distributors of Environmental Safety, Emergency Preparedness, and Surface Preparation supplies in the country. Aramsco provides customers with valuable product expertise, quality products, training and certification opportunities, exceptional customer service, and fast, reliable delivery nationwide -- all at competitive prices. For more information about Aramsco or to view the Syclone Axial Air Mover, visit their website at or call (800) 767-6933.

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