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Aramsco now offers frogtape painter`s tape


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Formerly only available through home centers, Aramsco announces FrogTape is now being stocked nationwide. This new product addition expands Aramsco’s already outstanding breadth of tapes. FrogTape is the only professional painter’s masking tape on the market that is treated with PaintBlock Technology. FrogTape was designed for use with latex paints, and can stay on indoor surfaces for up to twenty-one days. FrogTape has not only received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval but also the 2010 Innovation Award by Sherwin-Williams.

The key differentiator of FrogTape is the use of PaintBlock Technology. A cross-linked, sodium-based Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP), PaintBlock allows the tape to absorb and retain large amounts of a liquid relative to its own mass. PaintBlock reacts with the water in latex paints to form a micro-barrier along the edges of the tape, making FrogTape more resistant to paint bleeding. “[FrogTape] consistently produces clean, crisp, razor sharp lines and bleed-free edges. After years of working with and testing other brands of painter’s tape, I am one-hundred percent stuck on FrogTape,” remarks one Aramsco customer.

FrogTape is available in a variety of widths to accommodate any application, and comes in a reusable plastic canister designed to protect the tape edges from damage. FrogTape is the latest addition to Aramsco’s expansive line of Containment and tape products for painting contractors, building contractors, and professionals in the Environmental and Restoration markets. “We’re able to let our customers buy in bulk, saving them time and money,” commented Mike Elefante, Aramsco Product Manager.

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Aramsco, Inc., now with 18 locations in the territorial U.S. and Puerto Rico, is one of the largest distributors of Environmental Safety, Emergency Preparedness, and Surface Preparation supplies in the country. Aramsco provides customers with valuable product expertise, quality products, training and certification opportunities, exceptional customer service, and fast, reliable delivery nationwide -- all at competitive prices. For more information about Aramsco or to learn more about FrogTape, visit their website at or call (800) 767-6933.

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