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Arburg Brings Smart Plastics Processing at K 2019 to Promote Digitalization


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Arburg’s focus will be on Digitalization and Circular Economy at the trade fair K 2019 with showcasing of latest trends in injection molding, including new machines, features and solutions for 'smart' plastics processing. Arburg provides solutions to the question of plastics processing with 'arburgXworld' and 'arburgGREENworld'. Arburg will demonstrate what this can look like in practice by means of pioneering exhibits and applications.

'We are dealing with the two truly prominent issues of our time: digitalization and the sensible use and recycling of plastics,' Juliane Hehl, Managing Partner, Arburg.

Digital World of Arburg at K show

At ten interactive stations along the 'Road to Digitalization', visitors can learn about 'smart machines', 'smart production' and 'smart services'. This includes the new 'Plasticizing Assistant' for material processing and predictive maintenance at the screw, and the control system simulator. Arburg’s six proven assistance packages, the Arburg host computer system (ALS), the Arburg Turnkey Control Module (ATCM) and the Arburg Remote Service (ARS) will also be presented at K 2019.

20 Arburg Machines at K 2019

A total of eight Allrounders and one Freeformer will be demonstrating new machine technology as well as innovative applications and processes on the Arburg stand. Another 11 machines can be seen on partner stands. 20 Arburg exhibits at K 2019 will therefore cover a wide range of processes, including thin-wall injection molding, hybrid technology, in-mold labelling and film technology, multi-component injection molding, micro injection molding, Profoam foaming technology, cube technology and the processing of LSR, magnetic plastics, bioplastics and recyclates. The applications cover all important industries and trend topics: automotive and e-mobility, electronics, lightweight construction, medical technology and packaging.

New Apps in the 'arburgXworld' Customer Portal

The 'arburgXworld' customer portal has news features to showcase at the event that include 'Self Service', the dashboard for the machine status, the control system simulator, the collection of process data and the machine design.

Circular Economy in Practice

Arburg will be presenting two applications on this topic at K 2019. Around 30 percent recycled material is used in the production of PP cups. This new size machine in the company’s portfolio will be presented as a packaging version.

In the second circular economy application, a PCR material (post-consumer recyclate) derived from household waste is used to produce a technical product. The application illustrates a way to reintroduce PCR material into the cycle to produce high-quality, durable functional parts.

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