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Arc flash labeling best practices guide


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Graphic Products has announced the release of their Arc Flash Labeling Best Practices Guide. This new guide is a comprehensive source of information about labeling arc flash and shock hazards throughout any facility.

In October 2007 it was reported that a NEC survey showed 'only 14% of equipment installed before 2002 had arc flash warning labels, and only 52% of the equipment installed in 2002 and later had arc flash labels.' The lack of arc flash warning labels is a serious safety hazard that violates both NEC and NFPA codes, as well as OSHA standards. This is a problem industry and facility managers need to address.

'The Arc Flash Labeling Best Practice Guide is a comprehensive source of information about arc flash labeling.' said Steve Hudgik, Director of Internet Marketing for Graphic Products. 'It starts at the beginning with a facility inspection to determine arc flash labeling needs. It discusses the information that should be on an arc flash label, the locations where labels should be used, and how to make your own arc flash labels. The new Arc Flash Best Practices Guide is an important tool that will help address the problem of unlabeled electrical hazards and guide facility managers in getting their electrical equipment properly labeled.'

Neither the NEC nor the NFPA code specifies the information that should be on an arc flash label. However, companies are likely to be held liable should there be an accident and equipment did not have adequate arc flash labeling. The Arc Flash Best Practices Guide discusses what should be included on the label, and why it should be included. For example, information about protection boundaries, the required PPE, as well as shock hazard warning information are all important parts of an arc flash label.

The following provides the Table of Contents for the Arc Flash Best Practices Guide:

1. Required Tools
2. Arc Flash Labeling Definitions
....What is Arc Flash?
....Definitions of Terms
3. Evaluation - Facility Inspection
4. Label Creation
....What Information Should Be Included On An Arc Flash Label?
....Needed Equipment and Supplies
....Label Creation Steps
....Material Loading
....Label Creation Using Die-Cut Labels
....Label Creation Using Continuous Vinyl
5. Label Placement
....Locations Where Labels Should Be Placed
....Removing Old Labels
6. Label Maintenance
7. One Page Arc Flash Hazard Labeling Guide

The Arc Flash Labeling Best Practices Guide is available as a free download from the Graphic Products' web site at: Or please feel free to call Graphic Products at 1-800-788-5572.

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