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Archival and cultural preservation facilities require an ambient Indoor Air Environment.


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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a significant issue in Libraries, museums and archival collections, due mainly to the fact that many compounds, as well as unsuitable temperature and humidity has a deteriorating affect on many valuable and precious items stored in these buildings.

Control of temperature and relative humidity is critical in the preservation of library and archival collections because unacceptable levels contribute significantly to the breakdown of materials.

The design and construction of archive environments are unlike traditional building, in that they require the most stringent of interior environmental conditions for preservation. These conditions can sometimes create health problems for their occupants.

Small particulate matter consisting of sulphate and nitrate compounds, organic carbon, crustal materials, and salts are the major harmful compounds to an archive collection (Thomson).” Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone and Volatile Organic Compounds also have a deteriorating affect on many archive objects. 

PPM Technology's PPMonitor™ IAQ system will display real-time gaseous contamination levels, temperature and rHumidity.

This Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) system uses a PC to wirelessly receive continuous real-time readings from monitors placed around the building containing sensors which detect and measure Temperature & rHumidity and choices of the following (Maximum 5): 

Air Speed - Formaldehyde - Carbon Monoxide - Carbon Dioxide - Ozone - Sulphur Dioxide - Nitrogen Dioxide - Ammonia - Chlorine - Total Volatile Organic Compounds - H2O - Glutaraldehyde - Methane – Smoke 

The system is expandable and can run many monitors at the same time each containing the same or different sensors. ZigBee® wireless mesh network technology means that the monitors all 'talk' to each other and automatically work out the optimum route for sending readings back to the host PC. 

The Software allows the entire wireless system to be managed from a single PC, the PC can pre-set a number of different exposure levels to trigger when limits are exceeded; these could be visible or audible alarms or to control 3rd party systems such as ventilation systems.  

The PPMonitor software enables the data to be viewed graphically, produce reports and statistical data. Analysis of the recorded data over time allows for more efficient management of resources and energy.

Please visit www.ppm-technology.com for more information.

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