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Are toxic vapors entering your house from underground?


Source: EMSL Analytical, Inc. (Testing Laboratory - Asbestos, Lead, Mold, Bacteria, VOCs, Legionella)

The issue of vapor intrusion in buildings has become a significant environmental concern for building occupants, regulators and industry leaders. According to the EPA, the potential health issues vary and are dependent upon the types of chemicals and concentrations of the chemicals. The length of the exposure and the overall health of those exposed is also a factor.

At one end of the spectrum, these exposures can range from minor irritations like headaches or nausea. More significant problems like chronic disease or, in some extreme cases, even cancer, could result from prolonged exposure.

Vapor intrusion is generally defined as a gaseous substance emanating from petroleum products or chemicals which seep through cracks in foundations or sewer lines into homes and buildings. If left unchecked, these vapors can concentrate to a point that the risks become significant.

When investigating vapor intrusion cases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are commonly requested and include an array of chemicals contaminants. Common sampling procedures include utilizing devices such as 6-liter Summa™ canisters. This method allows for rapid laboratory analysis at a reasonable cost and with excellent turnaround times. Additionally, many experts also believe that radon sampling should also be conducted at this time as the data can be utilized to evaluate the movement of soil gas through building foundations.

EMSL Analytical, a leading environmental testing laboratory, has been on the forefront of providing testing solutions for residential and commercial property owners. “EMSL encourages property owners to take vapor intrusion issues seriously,” reported Joe Frasca, Executive Vice President at EMSL Analytical. “Unfortunately many buildings have been constructed in areas that make them susceptible to potentially dangerous vapor intrusion issues.”

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