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Are you being kept in the dark?


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A range of Storage Solutions for Light Sensitive SamplesHistorically, many Labs have stored valuable photosensitive reagents in natural PP tubes simply wrapped in Tin Foil to “protect” them from light. 

Camlab offers a new family of products to keep your light sensitive samples, reagents and solutions safe. Unlike amber tinted tubes, these products are completely opaque therefore protecting even the most  light sensitive compounds.

Camlab Blackline tubes and boxes eliminate the inconvenience of having to wrap the tubes in aluminium foil to protect samples. Ideal for use with fluorescent probes or ethidum bromide.The entire range is autoclavable and features storage boxes, 0.5 and 1.5ml centrifuge tubes, our unique 5ml preparaton tube as well as standard 15 and 50ml conical centrifuge tubes.

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