Are you Gambling with Risk?

Accidental exposure to chemicals in the working environment can have serious consequences. Workers’ health can be ruined and the legal and financial outcomes can destroy businesses. Careful and detailed Risk Assessment is an essential step towards protecting employee and employer alike. The new RisQ software package from Quality Systems International (QSI) is a unique tool that takes all the hard work out of generating Risk Assessment documentation in any organisation where hazardous chemicals are handled.

Health and Safety regulations require employers to generate and maintain detailed Risk Assessments to COSHH standards. This can be time consuming and laborious, involving searches of MSDS records, inventories and materials schedules, but failure to comply can result in heavy penalties in the event of an accident and subsequent HSE investigation. RisQ uses a simple Wizard-based approach to combine materials data and process information to create a detailed risk assessment based on Royal Society of Chemistry guidelines.

MSDS data on all materials together with other required data, e.g. physical properties, are stored and updated within the application. RisQ also includes management screens for handling materials storage and deliveries. The Risk Assessment is generated automatically, by simply defining the process within which the materials will be used. Reviews are scheduled and flagged automatically, avoiding the danger of holding out-of-date information.

The Risk Assessment is available as a database record and is therefore readily available to anyone who needs it, in any location, without having to access a central paper record as is usually the case. Because RisQ is accessed via a web browser, the information is immediately available to everyone without the need to deploy custom software to their individual desktops. Indeed, remote access can be made available to field operatives.

As with their other software products, QSI offer the option to either purchase RisQ outright, or reap the benefits of RisQ for as little as £25 per month under their unique rental option.

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