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Are you ready for a Disaster - Plan ahead in case of Fire Flood Water Damage and Natural Disasters

Emergency Response with the REC Group of Companies.

REC Disaster Recovery, REC Fire Water Flood Damage Restoration, Restoration Environmental Contractors and REC Demolition

A REC DISASTER EMERGENCY RESPONSE SERVICE CONTRACT is your peace of mind for all industrial commercial governmental institutional and insurance companies.

Be prepared for any disaster. Why wait until disaster happens! Be ready with one phone call for total commitment and emergency response. Have REC pre-approved as your service contractor of record with a REC Service Contract already approved by your insurer. The REC Group will mobilize immediately within 24 hours, to respond to your disaster site with a fully equipped and highly trained work force of over 100 qualified specialists. Since 1989, our reputation, integrity, honesty and project track record speak for themselves.

Our reliable restoration begins with qualified people. Our team of professional emergency response personnel, construction, environmental Hazardous Materials abatement personnel, Water Loss Specialists and Certified Mold Remediation Specialists are trained to follow an organized plan with scheduled priorities and disciplined procedures.

REC will assist you in developing a plan of action that will allow your business to remain operational during restoration. Our results-oriented team works around the clock to meet deadlines and is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service.

REC will start by responding immediately as your Service Contractor and implement the following steps

-Assess the damage and take immediate steps to prevent further damage (mitigate the loss).
-Establish the scope of damage and determine the potential for successful restoration.
-Identify and prioritize the appropriate restoration procedures to reduce business interruption and restore productivity
-Provide or proceed on time & material or provide a cost estimate and time projection.
-Implement specific restoration procedures.
-Provide consulting and or call in appropriate independent consultants
-Project management.

Established in 1989 the REC Group has over 1 million hours of professional experience in environmental, disaster, water, flood, fire damage, restoration and demolition project management. We have successfully completed over 8,000 Demolition and Environmental Abatement projects including: asbestos, demolition, mould, lead paint and other hazardous material removal projects.

Our firm has extensive experience working with the Canadian Governments at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels, and has completed several of the most sensitive mould and asbestos removal projects across Canada. We have worked at the highest level of security in Government Buildings, such as the $2.2 million asbestos abatement project at the ISERV Ontario Computer Data Centre, with over $40 million in operational computer equipment containing extremely sensitive information operational while we conducted our work.

Our firm was on the leading edge in dealing with the SARS crisis that occurred in Ontario, utilizing our Emergency Response Team to implement specialized environmental solutions in highly sensitive environments, while maintaining client confidentiality.

A few of our current projects include the Valspar decommissioning, demolition and abatement project in London ($ 900 K), the $ 3.7 Million Dollar Toronto Community Housing Revitalization - Regent Park Demolition and Remediation Project, currently the City of Toronto Water department Standing Offer contractor ($800,000), the $ 5 million PCL Constructors Ltd. – PWGSC asbestos abatement and demolition project at the Historic “Victoria Memorial Museum of Nature” in Ottawa, the $800,000.00 Mould remediation project for Ontario Realty Corporation and SNC Lavalin Profac at the Historic Archives of Ontario Building in Toronto, and various demolition, mould and asbestos abatement projects, in excess of $2 million at the Queens Park Government Complex and Legislative Buildings in Toronto. The Sears Canada Sewage backup cleanup after the Papal visit in Toronto.

We offer up to $10 million in 100% performance bonding, $5 million in the best pollution/environmental insurance coverage in the industry! We can offer you guaranteed performance, confidential service, and competitive time and material rates/budgets and specialized restoration, environmental and demolition solutions tailored to suit your needs.

REC continues to set the standard in our industry for successfully completing the most challenging of projects and exceeding our customers’ expectations. On behalf of all of us at REC, we wish you continued success and thank you for your business. We hope you will include us in your upcoming construction, environmental, demolition, decommissioning and/or disaster/fire, flood water damage restoration project.

Be pro-active Call REC today to discuss your needs for Disaster Service Response Contracts 1-800-894-4924.

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