Are you still calculating, or are you already optimising?


„Efficiency means to do things the right way, effectivity means to do the right things.“ From: Peter F. Drucker in „The Practice of Management“, New York 1955

Is it feasible to optimise material transport and intermediate storing during the sorting process? Yes, definitely!

Materials sorted out by pickers are thrown into collecting containers placed underneath the sorting cabin. These material piles are usually shoved out of the containers by wheel loaders. A method which becomes increasingly difficult with more and more material accumulating in the container. Therefore, these containers are never filled completely.

Often, belt conveyors are used for material transport. With a standard width up to approx. 2 metres, belt conveyors are much less wide than containers. The external motors make necessary to leave wide clearances between the belts. Impossible to fill a whole container area this way. Neither efficient, nor effective, is it?

Better save space, time and money. Use a CARG-O-MAT Moving Floor Conveyor from BRT! CARG-O-MAT leaves no space unexploited. A BRT Moving Floor Conveyor transports material in two directions. The container can be filled completely. The low design height helps to use the available space in an optimal way. The material transport is effected automatically.

CARG-O-MAT Moving Floor Conveyor transports all materials, no matter if humid, dusty or dry, feather-light or weighing tonnes. Length and width are absolutely flexible. Like all products from BRT, CARG-O-MAT stands out for longevity and low servicing requirements.

Of course, BRT provides also the compatible gate and hopper concepts. Buy perfectly matched equipment from one source!

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