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Are you up to scratch with your HAV policies??


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Risks of over exposure to HAV's

15th February 2011 -- Worried about risks from exposure to vibration?
Did you know, vibration can cause long-term painful damage to your hands and fingers - and that shocks and jolts from driving certain types of vehicles can cause severe back pain?

The Havmeter allows you to manage your employee’s exposure to hand-arm vibration.  A running total of exposure is provided on the Havmeter.  Power tools can be fitted with a tool tag which magnetically attaches and is assigned to your worker at the start of the new working day.  During operation of the tool, points are clocked up on the Havmeter, indicating greater exposure to unacceptable levels of hand-arm vibration.  A simple traffic light system confirms good, bad, or very bad, levels of exposure with green, yellow, and red indicators.  The Havmeter is returned to the base station when work is complete.  

Exposure records are then automatically downloaded to the base station and can be used to report of HAV policies.

Graphs show threshold vibration levels for EAV (exposure action value) and ELV (exposure level value).  This is converted to a points system to provide a simple to understand hand-arm vibration exposure record.

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