Argentine Central Bank orders eco-friendly water treatment system


Source: Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

The Argentine Government's Central Bank in Buenos Aires has ordered 7 Colloid-A-Tron Catalytic hard water scale prevention systems for its general service water and its air conditioning systems. The Colloid-A-Tron units, manufactured by Fluid Dynamics in the UK, are 4' in diameter and 6' in diameter and become part of the piping system - they require no electrical connections and have no moving parts. They work by treating calcium carbonate in the water so that it does not form a hard scale in pipework or equipment.

The Bank have been using Fluid Dynamics smaller Scaletron catalytic systems in hot water circuits for many years and based on the success of these units decided to invest in the Large Colloid-A-Tron units when they upgraded their building.

Fluid Dynamics catalytic water treatment systems eliminate the need for chemicals and water softeners... over 4,000 are now installed throughout Argentina.

Fluid Dynamics exports their products worldwide. Recent installations include Datang Power station in China, Honda Motors in Thailand, Kelloggs in Mexico and Jesus College Cambridge in the UK.

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