Argillon Americas is providing a SINOx® Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) System at the Port of Long Beach, California for a Very Unique Application

The SINOx® SCR system will abate emissions of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) from Mitsubishi cargo ships loading and unloading bulk material at the Port of Long Beach, California. The SINOx® System will remove harmful emissions from the auxiliary diesel engines that are producing electric power while at berth. These cargo ships generate emissions while entering and exiting the port, and the SINOx® SCR system provided by Argillon will reduce NOx exhaust emissions by as much as ninety-eight (98) percent. In addition, the SINOx® SCR System will remove some particulate matter (PM), which has been well documented for its harmful effects on our health.

Most cargo ships entering ports depend on electricity they generate themselves with auxiliary diesel engines on-board instead of shore-power because they can control their own equipment and do not have to rely on the numerous types of connections required for shore-power. It is estimated that this SINOx® SCR System will reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) at the Port of Long Beach (POLB) by 100 tons each year while in service for Mitsubishi Cement Corporation. The SINOx® SCR System will be shipping from Argillon Americas in August 2007 to the Port of Long Beach (POLB) for installation and commissioning this fall.

The capture system that covers the exhaust outlet from the ships auxiliary engines is one of the unique components of this SINOx® SCR System. The SCR, continuous emissions monitoring (CEM), motor control center (MCC) and other related hardware is mounted on a remote-controlled platform that can move forwards/backwards and side to side. This mobile system allows the SCR system and capture hood to move into the optimum position for any size ship and different exhaust configurations coming into the port. See drawing below for more clarification of SCR system.

Side view of SINOx® SCR System showing mobile platform, exhaust capture system over ship’s stack.

Argillon is working closely with Geomatrix Consulting Engineers, which is an employee-owned firm of consulting engineers and scientists. The firm's capabilities include water resources, environmental engineering, chemical/process engineering, toxicology and risk assessment, air toxics sciences, geotechnical and foundation engineering, earthquake engineering, engineering geology, seismic geology, seismology and geophysics, hydrogeology, and decision analysis.

Argillon designs, manufactures, installs and maintains pollution control equipment in power plants, power generation sets, industrial manufacturing facilities, marine propulsion engines, and automotive applications. The selective catalysts reduction (SCR) systems manufactured by Argillon reduce the harmful emissions that help meet or exceed the EPA requirements for NOx, PM and HC.

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