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ARI Appoints Australasia Representative


ARI has appointed a representative, Wayne Loane, to capitalise on building facilities and sublicensing opportunities across Australasia. 

Wayne has over 20 years’ experience in the waste industry and developed the innovative Hazibag in Australia to contain and transport asbestos and other hazardous waste.  With his new role, Wayne will be looking to build the region’s first thermochemical treatment unit to process asbestos waste into a non-hazardous product.

Tony Windsor, Managing Director, ARI Global Technologies says: “We are very pleased to welcome Wayne on board as our Australasian representative.  Having known Wayne for a number of years, we believe his extensive experience in the asbestos industry and wide ranging contacts will help us make the most of the opportunities across Australia and New Zealand and bring our exciting technology to the region”.

Until the mid-1980s, Australia was one of the biggest users of asbestos.  According to the Australian government, up to one third of Australian homes contain asbestos products.  Although Australia now bans any use of asbestos, it is not illegal to import, sell, or use products containing asbestos in New Zealand

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