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ARI Technologies, Inc. Awarded Patents


KENT, Wash., May 25, 2011 /PR Newswire/ -- ARI Technologies, Inc. (ARI), a leading waste management technology developer was awarded patents for 'System and Method for Treating Asbestos', (US Patent: 7,939,705 B2).  The broad System and Method patents have now been awarded in the United States and Russia.  Additional patents are currently pending in Europe, Australia, Japan and Korea.  System and Method patents provide broad protection and are valuable because they offer protection for the equipment used to employ the technology and for the methods used to destroy waste.

TCCT offers an environmentally preferable and economic alternative to dumping.  The market to utilize this technology is immense and the new patent will help secure market share.

The patented Thermochemical Conversion Technology (TCCT)  converts asbestos into an inert, non-toxic, asbestos-free, recycled, construction aggregate. This commercially proven technology is revolutionary because it can be employed for a cost comparable to that of land disposal in some regions and it costs less than half that of other available processes that claim waste destruction.  It has been demonstrated to immobilize toxic metals and radioactive elements and it destroys other hazardous wastes such as PCBs.  The U.S. EPA granted ARI a national operating permit in the United States for asbestos and PCBs.  The technology is listed as a candidate for 'Best Available Technique' in the European Union.

The technology is green because it uses the energy contained in the asbestos waste to support the process.  This energy would otherwise be wasted in a landfill.  ARI has successfully destroyed thousands of tons of asbestos using TCCT for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of Energy and for several private entities.

Billions of tons of asbestos were used around the World in over 3000 products with which humans commonly come into contact.  The debilitating health effects asbestos exposure prompted a worldwide effort to ban its use and to remove it from facilities where there is a potential for exposure to humans.  Historically, the waste has been dumped in landfills.  Repeated landfill failures have demonstrated that simply dumping waste is not the solution.  

According to Dale Timmons, a Principal of ARI and the inventor of record, 'ARI is currently negotiating deployment of the technology with multiple U.S. and European entities.'

ARI is a privately held U.S. company based in Kent, Washington.

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