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Aristo raises the bar in catalyst technologies


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Aristo® Intelligent Catalyst Technology continues to exceed the needs and requirements of the catalyst industry through innovative advancements in material science and processes.

Aristo’s advanced manufacturing system couples MISOTM,, a precision catalyst coating process with proprietary BON-X® technology to deliver highly engineered “intelligent catalyst” products.

Each INTELLIGENT CATALYST™ undergoes a battery of automated, rigorous tests for quality assurance and are lasered with an identifying 2-D matrix bar code. The individual coding of each INTELLIGENT CATALYST™ provides complete process traceability and precious metal accountability for that particular unit which can be followed from inception to reclamation.

“With our INTELLIGENT CATALYST™ manufacturing process, each unit has been checked against rigorous specifications and allows us to provide complete details on each unit produced. Our customers can be 100% confident that a superior product has been shipped. These advances, combined with the fact that Aristo has been manufacturing products successfully for well over a decade while meeting 100% of the ship dates, gives me confidence that the future has never been brighter. ” - Doug Kowalski, Technology Director

Aristo manufactures INTELLIGENT CATALYST™ products for a wide range of diesel, gasoline, highway, stationary and marine applications.

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