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Arizona Residents Learn about the Pros & Cons of Installing Carpet after a Property Damage Claim


The insurance claims professionals at Hudson Douglas Public Adjusters provide advice on ways that flooring can impact a home or commercial building.

Mesa, AZ -- When a property damage claim has to be filed with an insurance company, more often than not, the claim includes some type of damage to the building’s flooring.  This is often due to water, fire or smoke damage that either directly destroys the flooring or contaminates it with sewage, mold or smoke residues.

Choosing the type of flooring to repair a residential or commercial property is an important decision. Common choices include tile, stone, wood, vinyl and carpeting.  In many circumstances, carpeting is selected due to its cost, warmth, and large selection of colors, patterns and fibers.   Carpeting has additional advantages as well, such as its insulating and noise dampening properties and speed with which it can be installed.

While carpeting can be a good fit for many situations, it also has potential negative attributes.  New carpet systems (including adhesives and carpet padding), like many new interior finishing materials, will often off-gas volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for a while after being installed.

Carpets can even act as 'sinks' for the adsorption of VOCs from other sources (during the application of paint and other finish coatings for example) and re-emit them later. 

Carpeting can also act as a reservoir for dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, mold, dust mites, pesticides and other materials and allergens which may originate indoors or be brought into the indoor environment from outside.  Poor carpet maintenance can allow large quantities of dust and debris to build up over time. Moisture could also be trapped below or in carpets which can result in mold growth and the release of mold spores. Young children who play on carpets are most likely to come into contact with these substances although anyone in the building could be exposed. 

“When property damage occurs it’s important for the policyholder to understand that each decision they make, from documenting the damage and negotiating the claim to picking replacement materials, can have a profound impact on the future state of their home or business,” said Douglas Waldie, President of Hudson Douglas Public Adjusters, LLC. “These are just a few of the reasons people in these situations should look to the expertise of an experienced public adjuster to represent their interests and ensure the best possible outcome. At Hudson Douglas we work only for policyholders.  This means everything is handled for our clients with the insurance company. Our building science professionals can also help with all of the fine details, including what flooring choices will work best when repairing the property.” 

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