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Arlat under construction - Product line expansion


Ready for release this year, Arlat will be adding a new series of screens to their product line. Built around the popular ‘TS’ design, the Multi-screen will provide options for engineers and operators at the beginning of the project as well as anytime in the future.

Designers and Engineers that are not willing to ‘mess with success’ can use a traditional bar screen along with the MR belt, which can hold one or more rake heads and works similar to a traditional ‘front clean’ bar screen. Should conditions or technology change within the facility the screening technology can also be changed without requiring a completely new screen. The expense associated with the controls, drives and the structural frame can all be saved by simply switching the belt. With a minimal changeover the TS belt, a travelling filter screen with cleats for active solids removal can be added to reduce the screening size or to remove a greater amount of debris by using the TS belt in continuous mode. In addition the PS belt, a perforated screen can be added to further reduce the screening size and to protect sensitive downstream process equipment. You can switch any belt for any other style with minimal changeover.

Utilizing PLC logic, VFD’s and a HMI screen the control system is also very flexible. With simple operator level controls you can change the speed of your belt, change timer delays in intermittent mode or switch to continuous operation.

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