Armstrong monitoring among top clean technology companies in Ottawa


In a recent article published in the Ottawa Citizen found below, Armstrong Monitoring was named among the top 5 companies in Ottawa's emerging clean technology sector. We are honoured to have been recognized alongside global leaders in the development of alternative and renewable energy sources, and we are very proud of our partnerships within this group of companies. Armstrong Monitoring is a Canadian owned and operated designer, manufacturer, and servicer of hazardous gas detection systems. Armstrong Monitoring is based in Ottawa, Ontario and is ISO 9001:2008 registered.

Clean tech faces significant hurdles By Bert Hill, The Ottawa Citizen

The Ottawa clean technology sector is growing quickly, at least on paper, driven by public and some private investment. According to the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation, the number of cleantech companies grew by 11 per cent to 114 in 2009.

With 2,567 employees, up 25.2 per cent last year, OCRI said recently 'the clean-tech sector is the strongest of any of the city's 13 unique technology clusters.'

However, employment -- with notable exceptions -- tends to be driven by big engineering product and services companies like Stantec, Johnson Controls, Siemens and Waste Management International. While they generate significant business selling some green technology, they are not likely to be the nucleus of companies that turn into global giants and fill the void left by Nortel Networks and the sale or decline of companies like Cognos, Corel, Allen-Vanguard and Entrust.

The Ottawa region has critical assets to drive the clean-technology sector, particularly the expertise at the National Research Council labs and funding assistance from Industrial Research Assistance Program, federal research tax breaks and other support.

OCRI president Claude Hawe noted in a recent speech that 'we have carefully built Ottawa's value proposition for the clean-tech sector with four American benchmark cities in mind. '

With relatively low housing prices, a skilled workforce, clean air and health care, 'we handily beat out New York, Boston, Washington and San Jose.'

With the U.S. government raising taxes, he said, Ottawa and Canada are becoming low-tax havens 'where the rubber really hits the road.'

OCRI studies show that Ottawa clean-tech companies are heavily focused on energy efficiency, controls and monitoring which account for 25 per cent of all companies.

But with countries like China investing heavily in new green technology and U.S. venture capital funding recovering faster, Ottawa faces many challenges.

Top Ottawa

clean-tech companies

  1. Iogen, 320 employees
  2. Plasco Energy, 100
  3. Wind Works Power, 80
  4. Ensyn Technologies, 45
  5. Armstrong Monitoring, 31
  6. Energate, 35
  7. Seprotech, 23
  8. Caduceon Environment Labs, 22
  9. Triacta Power Technologies, 18
  10. Thermal Energy, 15

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