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Arsenic removal by NF in Mekong delta of Vietnam


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Currently, Woongjin Chemical's R&D department is participating in a study with Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology in the removal of arsenic in the Mekong delta region of Vietnam. The project, which begain in April 2008 and will last until March 2010, is funded entirely by Woongjin Chemical worth around $60,000 US dollars. Nanofiltration was chosen because the rejection rate for Arsenic met the required levels.

In the first half of this program, flat-sheet nanofiltration membranes (NE40, 70 and 90) were used to determine the characteristics of arsenic from this region on the membranes. Taking the analyzed data, the second half of the project will test actual membrane elements in a pilot test program for real-site applications.

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