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Arsenic Removal Technology


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Onion Equipment provides an innovative, cost-effective and reliable approach for the safe removal of arsenic from contaminated sites, municipal water supplies and private wells. OEarsenX is a polymer based bead with hydrous iron oxide nano-particles impregnated throughout the bead. This advanced hybrid material combines the best arsenic-binding chemistry, arsenic selective chemistry of iron media, with the robustness of polymer resins. It is re-generable, making the technology very cost-effective. It is doesn’t collapse or break down, minimizing maintenance and back pressure. It is doesn’t need backwashing. It is does not create on-site arsenic residuals. Nano-particles yield optimum binding surface area for improved capacity and kinetics. It is offers great fluid mechanics, increasing efficiency and reliability It is ANSI/NSF 61-approved, Onion Enterprises 630 West Street Naples FL 34108 239-566-7007 Fax 239-596-3768 zweeb@aol.com

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