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Artificial Turf in Denmark


Source: Erdwich Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH

In Denmark, everything at ERDWICH revolves around the artificial turf, appropriately in view of the upcoming European championship in France.

In 2014, ERDWICH was commissioned to build the first plant worldwide in order to separate the components of an artificial turf into its different fractions. This processing of artificial turf allows a recycling rate of nearly 100 per cent.

Thanks to intense cooperation of Erdwich and TrennSo Technik as plant manufacturer as well as REMATCH as Danish operator and joint venture partner, a pilot plant was put into operation in Denmark in 2016.
The artificial turf sports grounds have to be renewed every 10-12 years, thus the old covering is removed and a new covering is installed. Hence, with a recycling plant there is no need for landfill costs, resulting in considerable cost savings. As a great number of illegal storage spaces exists in Europe, FIFA and UEFA are also both very interested in obliging the different associations in the future not only to dispose of the old coverings - in whatever way -, but also to have them recycled in such plants.

Thanks to the close partnership of ERDWICH / TrennSo Technik with REMATCH, further plants are planned within Europe, which will either be operated by the association itself or be passed over to franchisees.

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