Artist gets to work on Dounreay`s culture

A Scottish artist is set to bring a new perspective to the cultural heritage of Scotland's biggest nuclear site.

University lecturer Gair Dunlop is working on a 20-minute film that aims to capture the relationship between Dounreay, its research and the people who’ve lived and worked there.

He is working closely with site heritage officer James Gunn, who said: “The film promises to add a new dimension to the story of Dounreay.”

Gair (49) is a lecturer in media arts and imaging at the University of Dundee.

He’s researching archive footage of the site and will combine clips with new footage to be shot on site and in the community during the summer.

Gair says his objective is to capture the feel of Dounreay in film.

His work promises to bring an artistic interpretation to the relationship between the people and the place.

'I'm looking forward to exploring the site and meeting people,' said Gair.

'Some might see the achievements of Dounreay as lying mainly in the past, but I want to show today's problem-solving technologies as being every bit as innovative as the pioneers' work.'
The production is supported by a grant from the Scottish Arts Council.

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