As BakerCorp continues to expand its global reach, it marks the one-year anniversary of its first branch in France


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BakerCorp announced today that its Le Havre Branch in Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon in Normandy, France, has marked its one-year anniversary. The location is one of more than 90 branches around the globe in Europe, United States, Canada and Mexico. It’s an expansive reach that allows Baker to deliver the world’s leading inventory of rental storage tanks and application expertise to customers requiring temporary containment of industrial liquids, water and wastewater.

The Baker Le Havre Branch is strategically located in a region of France known as “Chemical Valley.” Out of the country’s 2,029 petrochemical plants, 1,322 are located in the region—close to the Baker branch. Seven of the country’s 12 refineries and 58 of its 132 power stations are also nearby. Already, Baker is providing temporary liquid containment solutions and quality service to a large portion of these plants and refineries, as well as a growing number of industrial service companies.

The Baker Le Havre Branch offers five different types of portable storage tanks for on-site containment: standard tanks with epoxy coating; tanks with a carbon steel interior; separation tanks with epoxy coating; separation tanks with a steel interior; and coil tanks with a steel interior. The branch also offers secondary containment berms and a variety of couplings for rental.

Before Baker entered the market, customers relied on tank trailers, ISO containers and vacuum trucks to meet their temporary liquid storage needs. These options were often costly, difficult to deliver and inefficient because they were typically too small to meet the high capacity job requirements. A single Baker tank can hold up to 70,000 liters of liquid. A series of 20 tanks can hold up to 1.4 million liters of liquid.

“Customers have accepted the concept of Baker tanks because they are very efficient and provide flexibility to hold large volumes of liquid,” says Le Havre Branch Manager Charles Belloncle. “With over 65 years of experience, Baker offers a high level of expertise and we are available 24 hours a day to quickly deliver the Baker tanks to a job site.”

About BakerCorp

BakerCorp is the industry leader in containment, pumping, filtration and shoring equipment rental solutions. Since its inception in 1942, BakerCorp has grown to become the largest and most experienced containment, pumping, filtration and shoring solutions provider with over 90 locations in Europe, United States, Canada and Mexico. BakerCorp retains an extensive inventory of over 19,000 pieces of equipment including more than 17 varieties of steel tanks, roll off boxes, pumps, filtration, shoring and specialty equipment. BakerCorp provides innovative solutions to an ever expanding number of markets that include: chemical, manufacturing, refining, construction, municipal, industrial services, environmental remediation, power generation, aerospace, food processing, tank terminal/pipeline operations, transportation, pulp and paper, mining, electronics, wastewater, and many others.

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