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International Green Awards

ASDA Sponsor Best Green Packaging Design Category


Source: International Green Awards

ASDA one of the big four supermarkets has aligned itself with the Green Awards, by sponsoring one of the 12 Green categories - Best Packaging Design. Satellite Marketing Communications, producers of the Green Awards says the move by ASDA will give the awards even broader appeal and more gravitas.

ASDA's sponsorship comes hot on the heels of their recent announcement in July to stop sending waste from its stores to landfill sites. It also wants to help customers reduce the amount of rubbish they throw away each week. The supermarket announced it will stop sending any waste produced by its 307 food stores to landfill sites by 2010. It has also embarked on a complete review of its own label packaging to reduce the amount of household rubbish which shoppers throw away each year. The ground-breaking commitment by ASDA means that everything the supermarket disposes of at the back of its stores will be recycled, reused or composted instead of being sent to landfill.

The Green Awards (, which will be held at the historic Guildhall in London, 29 November 2006, is a unique and inspiring national event which will showcase the value of sustainable development through powerful communications and marketing strategies. Sustainability is being seen as a cornerstone by ASDA as it starts to tell it is Green story which has been going on behind the scenes over the last few years.

In addition, all of the products it sells (under the ASDA brand) will be redesigned over the next 18 months, with the aim of reducing the weight and volume of packaging it produces by at least ten per cent.

ASDA has already successfully redesigned all its salad bags, reducing the thickness of the plastic by 15%, and removed an unnecessary cardboard sleeve on a selection of its ready meals. The redesigned packaging is now set to be rolled out across dozens more food products in the coming months.

The impetus behind the Green Awards is the recognition of marketing_s increasing role in pushing sustainability to the top of the corporate agenda. Marketing communications have such an enormous reach, their power to stimulate change is impossible to ignore.

In support of the significance of sustainability David Cheesewright, ASDA's chief operating officer said: 'Packaging is an essential part of retailing, but we all know we should use less of it and anything we do use should be easy to recycle or reuse and should come from renewable and sustainable sources. These awards will showcase the very best examples of innovative packaging demonstrating how a creative use of materials can dramatically minimise their impact on the environment.'

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