AshBritt`s eco friendly initiative for going green



AshBritt’s comprehensive sustainable Going Green Program reduces our organization’s adverse impact on the environment through activities such as reductions in waste generation and in carbon emission. Our long term goal is to reduce the amount of carbon generated as a result of our recovery and restoration operations.

Striving for a Green Restoration Operation

AshBritt is constantly looking for current and new technology to divert waste away from landfills and into recyclable, sustainable streams of commerce. AshBritt always follow best management practices in reducing, diverting and disposing of all disaster-generated debris to maximize the potential for recycling and beneficial use.

Corporate Reduction

AshBritt has already made the commitment that all of our marketing proposals and internal documents are to be printed on recycled paper. Whenever applicable and possible, AshBritt encourages and performs paper-free transactions, eliminating paper completely for internal and external business transactions.

Tree Planting Program

AshBritt is continually developing and enhancing our relationship with the environment. One of the programs that we are engaged in is the Carbon Mitigation Program. In partnership with affected communities, AshBritt strategically strives to plant trees after recovery missions. This program helps to restore the tree canopy in the affected community, while also reducing the C02 in the atmosphere.

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