Ashbrook Simon-Hartley Operations, L.P. announces its Process Systems Group business unit


HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Ashbrook Simon-Hartley Operations, L.P. announces its Process Systems Group business unit, which specializes in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems, has received California Department of Public Health Title 22 Certification for water reuse for their Iso-Disc cloth filter.  Iso-Disc technology uniquely employs many patent pending features, enabling it to provide highly efficient usage of the filter media and simple, low maintenance operation.  The Iso-Disc filter is typically applied as a tertiary filter following an activated sludge secondary wastewater treatment process, effectively reducing the level of suspended materials in the final effluent.

'We have redesigned the typical cloth filter that is currently available in the marketplace and have achieved a new level of simplicity and high performance, which meets or exceeds our competitor’s offerings.  The Iso-Disc cloth filter is a tremendous addition to our line of wastewater treatment process technologies, where it will serve our customers well in the fast growing market segment of water reclamation and reuse,’ said Jeff Devine, Vice President of Ashbrook Simon-Hartley.

Iso-Disc is already installed in several locations in the United States, where it is marketed by an extensive network of manufactures representatives.  The Ashbrook Simon-Hartley offices located in South America and Europe are also marketing the innovative technology to their customer bases.

‘Iso-Disc raises the bar for cloth filter technology.  It offers unparalleled mechanical simplicity and the most efficient use of the filter media surface area available in the marketplace.  The revolutionary design incorporates fixed position cloth media combined with a dynamic linear cleaning mechanism, resulting in the most efficient cloth filter process available,’ said Ben Gould, Marketing Manager for the Process Systems Group.

About Ashbrook Simon-Hartley
Ashbrook Simon-Hartley has been providing water and wastewater treatment solutions for decades-with its roots reaching back to the early days of the 20th Century. Through the years, the company has advanced on all fronts and has been consistently recognized as a leader in innovation, engineering quality and end-user value.  Today, Ashbrook Simon-Hartley is very much an environmental business providing products, services and solutions that deliver clean water and remove the waste from wastewater in ways that minimize impact on the environment.

Ashbrook Simon-Hartley is a global company with operations on four continents and customers around the world. Major service hubs are operated in the U.S., the U.K., Chile, Brazil, and South Korea with local and regional representation in virtually every part of the world.  Across the globe Ashbrook Simon-Hartley solutions are also playing a key part in countries' economic growth enabling them to meet the demands of growing populations and rapid commercial, industrial and infrastructure development.

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