Ashrae"s distinguished UV-C lecturer in high demand


Valencia, California, September 12, 2008 - Forrest Fencl, whose distinguished lecturer tenure has been extended through 2010, is in higher demand with the recent release of ASHRAE's 2008 HVAC Systems & Equipment handbook - featuring its new Chapter on 'Ultraviolet Lamp Systems'.

Mr. Fencl's talk features those topics and includes specific explanations on how UVC can be used as a recognized 'green energy', one that significantly adds to HVACR system 'sustainability'. In addition to pioneering the modern application of UVC in our industry, Mr. Fencl was also instrumental in creating ASHRAE's new Chapter.

Here are a few of Mr. Fencl's already scheduled talks:

San Antonio, TX ASHRAE Chapter
Santa Clara, CA ASHRAE Chapter
Des Moines, IA ASHRAE Chapter
Portland, Oregon ASHRAE Chapter
Tulsa, OK ASHRAE Chapter

He was also invited to speak to the North Carolina Hospital Engineers Association. Anyone interested in having Mr. Fencl as a guest speaker should contact him directly at or utilize ASHRAE's website.

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