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Ashtead Stand under Siege at Sustainability Live!


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Commenting on the enormous number of visitors to the Ashtead Technology Rentals stand at Sustainability Live! in early May, General Manager, James Carlyle, says “The level of interest in rental instruments was so high that we had to bring in extra staff to cope with demand.

It seems that almost everyone is now looking to rent rather than buy instruments. This is for financial reasons and because renting provides easy access to the latest technologies.

Every visitor to our stand had a genuine need for instrumentation and since renting is all we do, we like to think that we are the best (we provide a high level of technical support and we deliver on-time, every time). Our business has grown tenfold in two years, so it seems that our customers agree!

We received around 100 enquiries every day at the NEC event across a broad range of instruments. This included infrared cameras, endoscopes, pipeline investigation tools, utility locators, gas detectors, water quality monitors, weather stations and contaminated land assessment equipment.

It was also pleasing, in this Internet age, to note that almost every visitor collected one of our rental catalogues featuring more than 150 instruments. However, I was concerned to note that our free ‘stress balls’ were also very popular!”

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