Ashtead technology witness growth in Thermography popularity


Source: Ashtead Technology Ltd

Instrumentation specialist Ashtead Technology has witnessed a growing trend towards the deployment of entry level infrared cameras for predictive maintenance purposes. General Manager Alan Hasson says: 'In the past, most of the thermal cameras being rented for inspection and maintenance work were medium to high end. However, the simplicity of operation and ease of use that is now available is so good that we have seen a shift towards entry level instruments such as the FLIR Compact I-60.'

The value of infrared cameras in predictive maintenance is based on the fact that most things get hot before they fail so the camera is able to quickly and simply highlight any piece of equipment that is becoming unusually warm. As a result equipment can be repaired or replaced before it fails, which saves time and cost.

Ashtead Technology has also experienced a growing demand for thermal cameras in the inspection of building heat management and insulation performance – an issue which is highly topical at the moment because of the rise in energy costs and growing regulatory requirements.

In a recent BBC programme 'DIY SOS', a FLIR camera was employed to illustrate the effects of improved insulation – the images below show the before and after images (the white, red and yellow parts of the 'before' image indicate areas of poor insulation).

thermal cameras reveals a growing level of utilisation of the technology. However, Alan Hasson says 'Whilst the growth in demand for entry level cameras is strong, the demand for high-spec cameras remains high from professional thermographers and in research.

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