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Asia: Tri-Tech Subsidiary YanYu Water Wins Recognition by Chinese Water Summit for Fast Growth in China`s Water Industry


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Tri-Tech Holding Inc. (Nasdaq: TRIT), a premier Chinese company that provides leading turn-key solutions for customers in the segments of water resources, water and wastewater treatment, and industrial safety and pollution control, announced that during the Fifth China (International) Water Summit Forum held November 18-19, YanYu Water, a subsidiary of Tri-Tech Holding was awarded the 'Most Growing Potential Brand of the Water Industry of Year 2010', as one of ten winners in the water industry country-wide. This selection was co-organized by the Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, the Water Expo and the Water Newspaper Organizing Committee. The members of the Award Evaluation Committee are industry experts and other people from various circles of society.

YanYu Water has committed itself to the modernization of the water IT infrastructure in China. The company has taken part in the construction of the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Command System (Phase I), county mountain torrent forecast and alarm system pilot projects, and nationwide small river control works and nationwide irrigation information pilot projects over the past few years. YanYu Water has successfully implemented hundreds of water system engineering projects in 26 provinces across the country, receiving wide recognition throughout the industry and from customers. It has developed a series of advanced products and engineering solutions, and is ready to provide outstanding services to its customers. In 2009, YanYu Water provided mountain torrent forecast alarm systems and equipment to 19 pilot projects throughout China, which accounted for 18.4 percent of the total projects constructed in 103 counties nationwide. Most of the systems have been accepted by the end-users and are operating successfully.

Vice President of YanYu Water, Mr. Ma Hongzhi mentioned: 'The Most Growing Potential Brand of Water Industry is an important national award for our company. YanYu Water has been committed for a long time to the water IT infrastructure modernization and has made significant contributions in the flood and drought control segment. The Award is recognition of our endeavors.'

Mr. Warren Zhao, CEO of Tri-Tech Holding, said: 'In the next 3-5 years, projects of mountain torrent forecast and alarm systems envisioned in the Plan 2006 of the Ministry of Water Resources and its subsidiaries will commence construction in more than 1,700 counties nationwide, for which investment in non-engineering works will reach $1.6 billion. Similar projects, such as dam reinforcements across the country, medium and small river flood control systems and other projects, will also be implemented during the same period. Tri-Tech Holding and YanYu Water are planning to recruit more professional talents, and are simultaneously continuing to optimize our current products and engineering solutions. We will be ready for the coming winter and spring project bids and constructions.'

About The Most Growing Potential Brand of Water Industry Award

The Most Growing Potential Brand of Water Industry Award was set up to award those domestic companies that enjoy a high reputation in the industry. The companies that receive the award must have independent R&D capacity, high-tech products, well-run sales and sustained growth. The awarded companies shall also have the potential to lead the development of the water industry, maintain continuing growth and sustain development. The Award indicates recognition for technology innovation in the industry, innovative models and innovative effects of the award company.

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