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Asian Environmental Market to Exceed Either Americas and Europe/Africa


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With more pollutants being generated and less equipment in place to capture these pollutants, the Asian market potential far outstrips any other continent.

In the continually updated, World Markets For Your Products , the McIlvaine Company predicts that environmental capital expenditures will average $210 billion/yr over the next 10 years.  Asian expenditures of $81 billion/yr will make it the leading region.

                                        Capital Expenditures 2006-2015

Average Annual Europe/Africa Asia Americas

Air                            $80                              $22                   $32                      $26

Water                         70                                20                    27                        23

Solid waste                 40                                13                    15                        12

Remediation                20                                 7                     7                          6

Total                         $210                             $62                    $81                     $67 

In Asia investment in air pollution control for coal-fired boilers could exceed all other air segments combined.  Expenditures for cement, pulp and paper, and steel will also be significant.  Scrubbers, dust collectors and catalytic equipment will be the main equipment choices.

Expenditures for water and wastewater treatment will be robust for the following reasons:

  1. Asian economies are growing at high rates.
  2. Environmental cleanup is an individual priority.
  3. Investment in water and wastewater treatment fell far short of needs in the past.
  4. Migration of 500 million people from rural to urban settings will force investment in treatment systems.

The retrofit of pollution control equipment to existing power plants in the U.S. plus investment in controls for new plants will help the air pollution control industry maintain sales at record levels throughout the next decade. 

Desalination will help boost America 's water segment, but Asia will be the leader.  In the Europe/Africa segment investment will be modest in comparison to Asia .  Western Europe is a mature market.  Eastern Europe will have a minor but positive impact.  Large investments in desalination in the Middle East are one bright spot.

Asia will also invest more in solid waste reduction. Whereas the U.S. is only starting to consider new waste-to-energy plants, Asia has many active projects.  Europe has already invested heavily in waste-to-energy facilities.

The U.S. soil and groundwater remediation market peaked some years ago but remains substantial. Eastern Europe and Asia have to deal with serious contamination problems and represent the biggest potential.

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