Asian market for stationary and mobile catalytic system revenues to approach $12 billion this year


Source: The McIlvaine Company

Asia is now the leading purchaser of catalytic and thermal air treatment systems for mobile and stationary sources. Purchases this year will be just under $12 billion. This is the latest forecast in Thermal/Catalytic World Air Pollution Markets published by the McIlvaine Company. (

The larger international companies are able to participate in this Asian market. Some of the smaller companies are merging to give them the size to pursue all the world markets.

CECO Environmental Corp. is acquiring Met-Pro Corporation. The combined companies offer a complete range of stationary air pollution control equipment. Met-Pro is a global, niche-oriented provider of product recovery, pollution control, fluid handling and filtration solutions across multiple diversified end markets.

Much of the petrochemical expansion is in Asia. Johnson Matthey has developed a new low cost, base-metal HalocatTM SC29 Catalyst specifically designed to reduce up to 99 percent of VOC and toxic organic compounds from PTA (purified terephthalic acid) manufacturing plants.

Mobile catalytic sales in Asia this year will be in excess of $11 billion. More than 50 percent of the world’s automobile production is in Asia, but the potential for growth is very large. Vehicle penetration in China still stands at only about 40 vehicles per 1,000 people, compared with approximately 700 vehicles per 1,000 people in the mature markets of the G7.

The replacement catalytic sales in Asia are relatively small compared to the U.S. and Europe. The reason is that the numbers of vehicles already on the road compared to new production is lower than on the other two continents.

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