Asian Valve Market to Reach $31 Billion by 2019


Source: The McIlvaine Company

The industrial valve market in Asia will grow by $5 billion to reach more than $30 billion by 2019. The control valve market will grow by 21 percent and the on/off segment by 20 percent.

There is a slowdown in China but growth will still be enviable compared to other countries. Coal gasification and liquefaction is promising to boost valve revenues substantially in China and will also impact South Korea and India.

Coal-fired power will show the greatest growth percentage in India, but many Asian countries have ambitious coal-fired generator programs. Steel, pulp and chemicals are all growth markets.

Steady growth will continue in municipal water and wastewater.

By 2019, China will be treating 30,000 MGD with secondary wastewater treatment ranking it second in the world behind the U.S. and with nearly three times the capacity of Japan.

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