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ASP-Tox Launched June 2020


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With the capability to measure the impact an influent will have on your own Activated Sludge Bacteria every 5-7 minutes, the ASP-Tox will give critical support and Automated Response Capability for Treatment Works, which can suffer from Influent Material shock loading.

Maintaining Compliance is now more challenging than ever as influent loading on Activated Sludge Plants has changed dramatically over the last few months. It is however just as important to avoid false toxicity triggers as this can impact the Economic Restart of the Up-stream assets. This is why the ASP-Tox directly measures the impact on the treatment works own activated sludge, which will be acclimatised to the normal influent streams.

The ASP-Tox is Self-Cleaning and Self-Calibrating, is compatible with MODBUS and PROFIBUS comms to site systems and has built in I/O capability for alarm indication and response. Full remote access can also be provided to optimise support, troubleshooting and investigate processes.

For full information please see ASP-Tox Flier – Full

ASP-Tox Launched June 2020

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